March 14, 2010

How Old is Old?

I was searching through the (cluttered) mass of plastic bags of frozen food in our refrigerator freezer today, in hopes of finding some ground turkey for dinner tonight. I knew it was in there, I just couldn’t find it within easy reach. Digging further (I had my special freezer gloves on for that), to my surprise and embarrassment (there goes that word again), I did find the ground turkey, but it was dried up and funny colored in bags marked 8-30-08 and 6-09. Wonderful…

So, remembering my friend FlyLady and the advice of SHE, I attempted at least one hour of decluttering (of all things) my refrigerator. It took way less than an hour. And how old is old? I think I won the prize for this one. I found a juice can marked 4-02-04. No kidding! And it was in the front!

Friends, my pantry is next. In it is a mix of boxed food, pasta packages, bottles of this and that, Tupperware and miscellaneous plastic containers and lids. I’m sure it will take me not one hour or two but the entire day to clean, declutter and rearrange. And I’m going to do it! Maybe one shelf at a time. God help me…

Love ya all,


(not MaryLynn, no more alias, I’m coming out of the ‘clutter closet’ – ha!)


  1. Decluttering is the best feeling in the world. Yesterday afternoon I spent 3 hours helping my friend purge her 6-year-old daughter's room. I forced her to be ruthless, and the end result was fantastic. The pantry and fridge are great places to start because there is no sentimental attachment to anything. LOL!
    If it makes you feel any better, in 1999, I cleaned out Granny's fridge when she was at a doctor's appointment. I found yogurt in the back of her fridge that had expired in 1986. The difference between you and her is that youwere grossed out by the old food...Granny tried to convince me that because it wasn't open, it was still good. LOL!
    Keep up the good cleaning work!

  2. I am right there with you in the decluttering process. Keep on plugging along. I too have way too much stuff. I can't decide where it should live. I love flylady and she has helped me tremendously. I made the card system but got overwhelmed quickly. I am a good started, not so good on the finishing end. Email me for support and maybe we can challenge each other. Hugs, Cheryl