May 29, 2009

What to Eat

I am a little concerned. My adorable granddaughter (AG) seems to be a picky eater lately, barely savoring bites of delicious foods before nonchalantly letting them fall from her sticky fingers onto the floor for the dog. When given a tiny quarter pbj sandwich, she’ll gingerly pull it apart, lick the peanut butter, check out the jam, lick again, flick the bread here and there, until it no longer even resembles a sandwich square. Show her the Gerber baby ‘stars’ (junk food I call it), and she laughs with glee and gobbles them up. Some days it seems she barely eats solid food, but always has room for her ‘baba’ (bottle). She has wasted many a good hot dog, hamburger, vegetable, fruit and bread, prepared by those who love and care about her growing up healthy and strong.

I found myself comparing AG’s attitude toward food to some Christians’ attitudes about being fed God’s word, helping themselves to dessert or feel-good food, more than meat and veggies, or eating junk food to save time or keep from having to prepare something healthy. How do we prepare ourselves for God’s food? Do we have a good Bible on hand to read? Are our bookshelves stocked with spirit-led devotionals to jump start the day or great books to help us through different issues. clarify truths or to glean inspiration? Do we support our pastor(s) by regularly attending church service and gathering around the table with our Christian family in remembrance of our dear Lord and Savior, or are we absent from the ‘table’ and instead sneaking candy bars on the side? Do we really hunger and thirst after His righteousness?

Something to think about the next time your heart, mind and/or spirit craves renewal, refreshment, strength, healing, and satisfaction. Like a full stomach and clear mind, hearing and reading God’s word grows us, strengthens our faith and enlightens our minds to His Truth. Preparing God’s word for someone else is just as important for the edification of the body of Christ, for teaching the little ones, for practicing being a servant, and for inviting lost souls to partake in Him.

So, little AG, when once upon a time this tiny bottle was critical to your survival in the NICU, come to the table and eat what is prepared before you, for your gramma who loves you so, wants you to grow up strong, healthy and happy in Jesus.