February 5, 2010

Declutter or Bust

They say confession is good for the soul. So, today, after tripping over my grandchild's toys and losing my slippers in the mess on the floor, I took pictures of the inside of my house. BEFORE pictures. Cuz I'm going to clean and purge the guts out of this place & I want you all to see the difference when I'm done. This place is downright depressing and overwhelming. This could take me 6 months, but I hope it will take less once I get the hang of it. (Where's Oprah when I need her?) My house is small and we have a lot of stuff. The garage has two paths, one to the washer & dryer, the other to the freezer. So, guess what. There's no room left to put anything from the house. Time for a couple of garage sales for sure. And the pictures don't even include the messes in our bedrooms. Yikes, the closets alone...

My daughter watched a TV show the other day about hoarders and ended up crying because it was about US. I'm not a hoarder so much as I am unable to decide what to do with something or where it should go. If I don't want it, do I just throw it away, sell it or give it away? That means I'll have to make a decision, which is hard too because I'm very indecisive about many things. Here is a sampling of my 'before' house. Whew... it's hot in here. Oh wait, that's my face turning red from embarrassment:

I'm thinking about using a card system that my sister uses. Or doing the systematic approach, working my way around the room. The only problem is where to put stuff once I throw it in a box to be taken out. I'll probably have to pick a wall & just start piling boxes there as if we're moving. Which could be just around the corner anyway considering I still haven't found a job and we'll have to sell. But that's another story.

Wish me luck! Pray! I really need it. Send suggestions, advice, comments. And if any of you out there have done the 'before and after' decluttering in your home, let me know how you did it. I'll keep you all posted on my progress.

MaryLynn xo


  1. My key piece of advice is to be ruthless. Throw away a lot of stuff. Give away a lot of stuff. Garage sales are great because you can make a bit of money, but in the long run, we have found that getting things organized for a garage sale is more trouble than it is worth. As I worked through our house last month, I put giveaway stuff in bags, and loaded my car as I went. As soon as the car was full, I took the stuff to the homeless shelter. That way I didn't have to worry about storing it. And I threw away so much! Not stuff that others could use, but stuff that no one would want. Good luck! You'll feel so much better when you are done. I recommend doing one room at a time. That way you'll at least have the sense of accomplishment from finishing a room. It will give you the push to move to the next room.

  2. Emily, thanks for your comment. I never thought of being as you say, 'ruthless', but I guess that is what it will take. Storing it is a big problem, so will use my car for sure.

  3. I have so many books about this topic. I used the box system long ago and it worked. Now, I still pile stuff up and occasionally move it around. I'm too tired to tidy! I wait for my mood to lead me in the cleaning direction - it doesn't happen often enough. So, if you didn't do it - that's okay.