April 18, 2009


My granddaughter is not only cute, sweet and smart, she is funny. She has a sense of humor that comes from within. She makes me laugh. She knows when she is being funny, with that twinkle in her eye, waiting for my reaction. She makes faces, uses her hands, hair or clothes to do funny things, giggles at herself or others, manipulates her toys to do funny things. Her imagination is in full force, her body works just as hard. Here are a few pics of my funny girl.


Playing with her toes.

Goofing off while eating, running her grimy hands through her hair.

Cute in her Bunny Suit

Sigh.... what's a gramma to do? I'm grateful God gave her such humor, it's a gift. I'm sure she will need it in her life ahead. All for now.

MaB (my new signature)

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